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The ILO understands innovation is vital to your company’s growth and expansion. Linking the university’s immense assets to needs of your industry can cost effectively accelerate your delivery of value added products and services to the market place and will provide you with top talent for continued growth and future leadership.

The Ohio State University is the largest most comprehensive public research university in the country with 14 colleges and 65,000 students. Investing nearly a billion dollars today our research expenditures have more than doubled over the last 10 years and partnerships have grown significantly within Ohio and across the globe.

The College of Engineering plays a significant role in this research investment. Our Chemical, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering research disciplines all rank in the top 5 in the nation delivering significant results that are recognized nationally and available for licensing and start-ups.

  • Expertise from one of the nation’s leading public research universities
  • Training and continuing education programs for your workforce
  • Novel ideas, emerging technologies, and ground-breaking research developed by Ohio State’s world-class faculty
  • Investment opportunities in high-tech start-up companies and information about licensing opportunities
  • State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation
  • Motivated, highly-qualified students looking for internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities
Engagement Opportunity Examples
Area of Collaboration Activities
Student Awareness and Investment Supporting Student Organizations; Guest Lectures; Facilities and Classrom Support; Scholarships and Fellowships.
Student Access Company Branding on Campus and Publications; Company Events on Campus; Capstone Projects; Interns and Co-ops; Priority Recruitment.
Educational Outreach Access to Class Lectures; Distance Learning; On-site Training Programs.
Faculty Access Campus Satellite Office for Company; Consulting Retainer for FTE Hours of Faculty Consulting.
Informing Curriculum

Representation on College and Department Industry Advisory Boards.

Informing Research Center and Laboratory Consortium Memberships; Representation on Center and Department Industry Advisory Boards; Ideation Sessions; Membership on Technology Review Boards.
Sponsored Research Targeted Research Projects.
Intellectual Property First Look at Uncencumbered IP; Preferred Terms; Industry Liaison Office and Technology Commercialization Office Awareness of Market Needs.
Philanthropic Investments Research Equipment, Facilities Support/Renovation, Testing & Services Support, New Construction, University, College, Department, and targeted Donations.